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About Med-Defense

Med-Defense offers litigation support through the review and analysis of plaintiffs’ medical records in medically related legal matters. Med-Defense employs a team of physicians and other highly trained medical personnel who use their advanced medical knowledge to analyze information found in plaintiffs’ medical records and present the information to defense attorneys in a readable, customized work product.

Med-Defense provides medical chronologies that distill the information found in plaintiffs' and claimants' medical records into a clear and concise report, delivered to our clients in a table format.  Medical chronologies assist attorneys and insurance professionals in negating, denying and diminishing the value of medically related claims by highlighting hidden gems in the plaintiffs' and claimants' medical records that indicate alternate causation theories and pre-existing conditions.

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Medical Records

Our medical records chronologies present medical records in an organized manner with options for hyperlinks and customizable book-marks to the corresponding underlying medical records.
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Missing Medical

Missing medical reports pinpoint exactly which medical records are missing, the date of the any follow up treatments that correspond to the missing record, which provider the missing record should be sought from and an explanation of the significance that the missing medical record has to the defense of the case. Learn More


Case evaluation and medical subject matter support services are provided for medical malpractice or medical negligence cases in which doctors screen the case to see if it has all the viable elements for a claim i.e. duty of care, breach of duty, damages, and causation.
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We can also provide Deposition Summaries, sorting, chronological organizing and indexing of medical records, hyperlinks and bookmarking for instant document access and navigation, and reports of damages, medical expenses and providers.
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